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Spend Quality Time With Episode – Choose Your Story

Spend Quality Time With Episode – Choose Your Story

When it comes to the entertainment at that time there are several sources available. If we talk about the most effective one then the option of the game appears at the top. The game helps players in eliminating the boring elements easily. For it, the players are required to choose the best game which provides lots of entertainment. The Episode – Choose Your Story is one of the best games available for different platforms. The players can access it on the iOS and Android platforms.

The players can get the game from their respective app providers such as – Google Play Store for Android platform. The application of the game will consume small space in your device. For it, the users need to make sure that they are using a good internet network. Poor internet connectivity may lead to different types of issues. 

Consider social networking websites

The game developers are also using the social networking websites for making a connection with the players. By it, they are trying to provide proper information to the players related to the game updates. In this way, the players can be introduced easily to the upcoming updates or specific events in the game. Due to it, they are able to prepare themselves for all these types of activities. There are different types of benefits associated with it. By following the social pages of the game, the players can get information about the trending stories.

With it, following the pages is also beneficial in earning in-game funds. For receiving the maximum amount of currency as the reward the players need to follow pages of all platforms. You can find the page of game one the Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook or by trying Episode Cheats. By it, the players can get a reward at once.

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Simcity Buildit – essential tips for beginners

Simcity Buildit – essential tips for beginners

Have you ever desired to be the mayor of a city and controlling it If yes and willing for the same now then there is an awesome game that can help you to meet the need on a small scale. Simcity Buildit is a trending game for IOS and Android devices. The game is available for free of cost and if you want to spend money then the in-app purchases are offered. Simoleon is the primary currency of the game and simcash is premium currency as both play vital role in being the top player. Users need to keep the sims of city happy because if the citizens are satisfied with mayor’s services and work then they will pay the tax. The tax rate charged to sims depend on you as It can be 5% or you can take it to 20 or more. Offering good services won’t make you charge that much tax however if the population is higher and sims are happy then tax amount can be increased to this much.

What Are The Tasks

As you download the game, you can easily find that building a city is first thing. It requires currencies and after moving to a certain level, a new currency open up called as golden key. This currency is used in the purchase of premium building which are expensive and can change the view of your city. Luxurious Casinos are the first choice but you need to earn enough experience and complete levels to be able to open it. Next important thing is trading because it is offering you the chance to earn good amount of Golden Keys. Trading can be tough for newbie gamers but don’t worry the tutorial provided is helpful. You need to complete the tasks in limited time and currencies will be provided to you. It is easier and helpful in being the top trader if you are using your twitter account to gain more information about the game.

Bottom Line

The mayor needs to manage every single thing like tax, energy, power suplly and other factors of the city. You can do it all by building factories and other however it is better to get the power supply from other cities. Basically, it will help in keeping the pollution amount lower and keeping the sims happy. You can add factories to provide jobs but don’t go overwhelmed by this method because everything in excessive can’t help. This is the reason you must follow the Simcity Buildit cheats 2018 and the financial advisor given in the game. It will help in being the top notch gamer in less time possible.

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War Robot A Brief Review Of This Game

War Robots: Cheats, code, tips, and tricks

The war robot is the most hardcore interesting online game for game lovers which are compatible with the mobile and desktop, both. This game is the addiction for those who like the battle and war games. But some level of this game is too difficult to cross and move on to next level. This game is the android, IOS, windows, supporter which can deploy for multiple reasons to get the number of bonus points, coins, extra lives and much more to do. With the help of the third party, you can get some different kind of cheat codes where you can simply download the hack tool of this game and start downloading this lives, silver coins, and bonus points and much more for the game. These things help you to move on to next level easily and something more about this game to learn before start playing it.

This is the most interesting online game for those persons who are interesting in battle and war games. With the use of cheat codes, it can make you feel full of the silver and gold coins. The war robot cheats are beneficial for those who are not capable of crossing the difficult level of this game, but they become addicted to it. In such special cases, cheat codes help them a lot to cross such difficult level of this game.

Things to do:

•While using cheats, you can easily collect unlimited silver and gold coins.

•Cheats gives you an advantage in this game

•Cheats help you to collect all the regular scripts

•They help you in testing and undetectable in the game.

•Nothing to download and along with this 24×7 online help.

Benefits: tricks

1. Using the cheat codes and application of tips and tricks are good for those players who are not good at playing that difficult game. These can help them a lot in their game play. Cheat codes imply that if you are not good enough in playing such adventurous game which helps them a lot.

2. With the help of cheats and tips of this game can help you to War Robots Hack collect a large number of silver and gold coins for the game.

3. With the help of cheats and tips of this game, you can grab unlimited gems.

4. With the help of cheats and tips of this game, you can get the number of lives and precious stones.

Using such things, enhance your chances to win this game. War robot game is the game which designs especially for the Android platform. To play this game, you have to download this game and then make a login to it. After making the login account, you can download all your coins, gems, lives, etc. You can use all these things in your game with making your game more easy and interesting.

This game is the action-packed game which can be played by multiplayer. In this game, there is a 6-6 team war.

Here, we have shared with you all the war robot cheats, codes, and tips.

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