Mens Beach Hats

Mens beach hats can be hard to find. And the term beach hats are seldom used by people. You might be thinking, what do I want to wear a hat to a beach for? Well, to protect your head from the sun and most importantly, your face!

When you find hats to wear in the sun, make sure you get protected. How? Get the ones with 50 UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) at least. Note that SPF (sun protection factor) is another thing, which is used for sun blocks, not hats! Keep a look out for hats that can withstand wetness and capable of absorbing chlorine or salt water. This is especially important when you go out to a place like the sandy beaches.

These hats come in standard 3 to 4 inches brims (the extended edges that surround the hat). What for? These brims can help give you some shade, blocking out the sun rays from reaching your face. Did you know that exposure to UV (Ultra Violet) rays repeatedly will fasten your aging process? Also, the sun hats can retain their shape, even after you abuse or fold it in anyways. What is more, it is very light weight and comes with chin straps and slider beads.

As for the materials, some are made from fabric, some cotton, and some even straw. All are made for one purpose. To make the hat more breatheable. So whenever you wear them, you will feel the cooling effect. To wash, you can either dump it into the washing machine or wash it by hand. Simple.

Where to get those nice mens beach hats? Companies like Kangol, Coolibar, Quiksilver and Billabong make them. Just to let you know.