Mens Wool Hat

A wool hat is great for the winter. It helps protect you from the dreaded cold. Very low temperature is harmful is exposed to for a long term period. Did you know that our head loses heat the most? It is once quoted in Discovery Channel in a show called “Man Vs Wild” by survival expert,  Edward ‘Bear’ Grylls saying that, if you ever get stuck in a desert, you should first cover your head, and not your body. According to him, our body loses heat most easily through our heads.

Hat Description
Materials for the hat is of course wool. What this means is it is 100% wool. No other additives. Wool is excellent for protecting your head so that heat would not be lost so easily. Think of wool as a heat insulator. Its shape is similar to the mens driving caps, which is of flat cap design. It weighs only 1 pound and come in sizes ranging from small to 2Large (or 2L). The small size is 6 5/8 inches (suitable for people whose head’s measurement : 20 7/8 inches) is and its 2XL size is 7 7/8 (people with head measuring 24 5/8 inches).

You will feel that it is comfortable to wear during long periods of time. Unlike most hats, it gets itchy and stuffy at the same time. It looks like a newsboy cap too, if you like. You will notice that when you wear them, it will hold firmly and steadily on your head. Even when strong winds come by, you would not be affected. These mens wool hats will not fly off easily!

A well known company making mens wool hats is Kangol. You can find one of their models to be the 504 Flat Cap.

How to Use
What you have to know is do not bleach, do not wash, no tumble dry, no ironing and never ever do dry cleaning. These are very strict regimes when taking care of your wool hat. Simply wear them and plant them firmly onto your head, keeping your head warm and safe.