Straw Golf Hats

When going for golf trips at your favorite country club, get a straw golf hat. These straw golf hats are styled in the gambler vented type. The quality is of ultrafino standard.

The brim size is 3 and a quarter inches in width. This provides you protection from the sun rays and blocks UV, thus protecting your face. The band of the hat is black. And all edges are sewn in high quality methods, providing strong and tough golf hat for long term use.

Male or female can wear these golf hats. The materials are made form palm fibers, which is a high quality material. The meshing or mesh (open texture cloth / fabric) of the hats allow the user to breathe. At the same time, sun protection is adequate.

Wear it for respect, for any social outings, business trips, or even for attending wedding ceremonies. This straw golf hat is excellent for shielding your face from the sun. It can also match with the corporate suit look, coupled with a pair of jeans.