Straw Sun Hats

One of the great looking straw sun hats is available. Made in Ecuador, it protects you from the sun. As it can filter UV rays from reaching your facial areas. The brim is solid so that sun rays cannot go through. Size of this straw sun hat is 3 inches. Both the band and chin strap are made of leather.

For its size of the brim, it can really give you cool breeze when wearing them. Highest of quality is assured. To keep the straw sun hats from flying off, there is the chin strap to put on. Its finish and weaving are one of their kinds. Not many straw sun hats are of this grade. This means you are getting value of your money.

For most people, these straw sun hats fit in perfectly. Snuggling onto your head, you won’t feel like you wearing anything since it is so light! You can even wear it anywhere you like it. It has a sense of style to it, not merely acting as a method of protection from sun.

Bring it for your golf plays! Or when going for a summer vacation, these straw sun hats are most suitable when you are looking for style and protection. Many people have been saying ‘cool’ things about this straw hat. What about you? Can you keep your head cool?