Western Felt Hats

A felt hat is made of the felt material.Felt is also known as non woven cloth. They are usually produced by matting and compressing the fibres. As a result, some are hard and some are soft. Felt can be said to be similar to wool, another excellent material.

The advantage of using a felt hat is its foldable feature. You can shape it, press it, step on it and the hat will still retain its original shape. This means it cannot be damaged!

Another big plus point these western felt hats have is its water resistance property. You could wear it in a rainy day, no problem. Waterproof is the quality you want to get these days, since everything is becoming water proof too.

Finally, wearing one is comfortable for your head. If you think it is hot to wear a hat, you will change your mind once you wear a felt hat today. Its so called western design is influenced by the cowboy lifestyle in the west.